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An invasive species native to Asia and Europe, buckthorn was planted in the 1800s to separate farm properties from one another. The Riverwood Conservancy is located on land once used ...
Submitted by SammyJun 23, 2016

James went on a tour at BioBlitz titled 'Trees and Plants'. He was impressed with how the trees were planted to block the wind in the winter by First Nations ...
Submitted by JamesJun 11, 2016

I'm the project manager of the Credit Valley Trail, which is funded by the Green Belt and sponsored by the Credit Valley Heritage Society. It's going to be a 113 ...
Submitted by SusanJun 11, 2016

I'm a member of a field naturalists organization and so I'm really interested in bio-diversity and wild flowers in particular.
Submitted by KaykoJun 11, 2016

Today I'm helping lead one of the walks on bats. I'm very excited to see any bats: big browns, little browns, there may be horny bats, red bats- I just ...
Submitted by DanJun 11, 2016

I ran a half marathon a few months ago. It was the first time she did any running. I didn't know I could do it because I've never done it. ...
Submitted by AshleyFeb 20, 2016

I play basketball. I play with my friends. At school they had a tournament and we won the first game. We had a lot of training. A lot of people ...
Submitted by VarnihaFeb 20, 2016

This is an old basketball that I was practically born with. Many street games among the local children used this basketball. I played for hours and hours during the day. ...
Submitted by AnnuvanthyFeb 20, 2016

I started skating when I was really young. When I was a kid my dad used to make a crappy rink in our backyard. It didn't always freeze so it ...
Submitted by ChantelFeb 20, 2016

There was one game that I played—this goes back maybe 6 years ago now—where I played for Unionville (Markham) against Stoufville in women's open competitive soccer. They were our rival ...
Submitted by VictoriaFeb 20, 2016

I played tennis is Georgetown. I started playing it when I was 12 and then I migrated to Toronto when he was 17 in the late 80s. I moved here ...
Submitted by MarkFeb 20, 2016

I played track and Field during my youth. I played from 10 years old to Junior High. Hurdles were my top event. Indianapolis Peace Games was a major track event ...
Submitted by GenevieveFeb 20, 2016

The game took place three years ago. It was a good game, but we lost by one still. It wasn't a good goal though. No matter how good your side ...
Submitted by AJFeb 20, 2016

House at corner of Beverley and D'Arcy Streets, owned by Elizabeth Csók and her husband.
Submitted by ErikaFeb 09, 2016

When Luba’s west-end Toronto neighbourhood announced that its annual Solstice Party would be retro themed, she was at a loss as to what to wear. When immigrating to Toronto from ...
Submitted by JocelynFeb 08, 2016

Commemorative plate from 1937 marking the coronation of George VI and the Queen consort, Elizabeth. The plate depicts colour ­transferred images of the royal couple amidst a crown, flags, and ...
Submitted by AlexandraFeb 02, 2016

Panel from the Real Canadian-Portuguese Historical Museum explaining the history of Portuguese fishing for cod in Newfoundland in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Submitted by ModeratorFeb 02, 2016

Have you ever gone treasure hunting in your home? Toronto's history may be buried there. It may sound silly, but you'd be surprised what you might find. As a city ...
Submitted by TheJan 20, 2016

The fibres all come from the same sheep, but different parts. You have to wash it to get the dirt out. This is a diorama of the process from raw ...
Submitted by JoanSep 27, 2015

This was my maternal grandfather's easel. He was a professional painter, though he wouldn't have described himself that way. He had a day job working for the land office drafting ...
Submitted by KimSep 27, 2015

This is a painting from a photograph stylized in attempt to get as far away from the photograph as possible. It triggers a mental image of a person riding a ...
Submitted by LouiseSep 27, 2015

I created these sketches in 1981 while attending school at OCAD University. Old City Hall (Top Left); St Andrews Cathedral (Top Right); Sunnyside Beach ( Bottom Left); Queens Park (Bottom ...
Submitted by StanSep 27, 2015

This is a listing of my first home in 1963. I bought it for $4,900 with a down payment of $2,300.
Submitted by KarenSep 27, 2015

Ron: I was in science and engineering for a while, but then I got involved in the teaching business. Olive has a much more interesting career. Olive: I was a ...
Submitted by RonSep 27, 2015

I've been a member of the Calligraphic Arts Guild for probably about 20 years. It truly has been an inspiration for me to be part of it, as it has ...
Submitted by Eileen Sep 27, 2015

The 1810 map of City of Toronto Ward 1/The Beaches
Submitted by KarenSep 27, 2015

My story is about Ripley's Aquarium. It's special to me because I like animals. All of the big animals except the little fish were saved. I bought a stuffie there ...
Submitted by NicoleSep 27, 2015

This collage shows condos surrounded by pollution.
Submitted by ElizabethSep 27, 2015

Relics from rationing during the Second World War. These are meat tokens. I remember going to the dominion store with my mother, standing at the meat counter, and watching her ...
Submitted by SandraSep 27, 2015

This is an ordinary clay garden pot, decorated and smashed by my son at the Royal Ontario Museum. He was doing a class there. He smashed it. It's lovely though ...
Submitted by RogerSep 27, 2015

In 1990, I started taking hand weaving classes at the guild here in Etobicoke. They have some great shows and it's been very enjoyable. Even though I live downtown, I ...
Submitted by JaneSep 27, 2015

My father came here after surviving a concentration camp in World War II. He was a Jewish refugee, born in Poland. He escaped the Warsaw ghetto to Russian controlled Poland, ...
Submitted by HarrySep 26, 2015

Traditionally a stuffing spoon is used for Thanksgiving to take the stuffing out of a Turkey, which is also associated with the celebration of Harvest Day.
Submitted by NancySep 26, 2015

I live in a co-op which is run by an array of committees. Everyone who lives within the co-op is supposed to put in a minimum of 4 hours a ...
Submitted by AnnieSep 26, 2015

I was the one who was appointed to go to Sherwood Park and gather grasshoppers to feed the praying mantis. Praying Mantis' are common during the fall and I remember ...
Submitted by PeterSep 26, 2015

Books - vintage book about bee care and bee rearing
Submitted by PaulSep 26, 2015

I bought this backpack in 2008 and I bring it with me on all my adventures. I got it at Pacific Mall. I brought it to the ROM and to ...
Submitted by ChristinaSep 26, 2015

I immigrated from Hong Kong in 1973, arriving with my husband and two daughters (ages 3 & 1). I was working as a nurse. I came to Canada because my ...
Submitted by CarrieSep 26, 2015

This is an offshoot from a specimen brought to Toronto from Vienna during World War II. Graham received the plant from a stranger in the Toronto neighbourhood, the Annex. She ...
Submitted by GrahamSep 26, 2015

Submitted by JoshuaSep 26, 2015

This is a cob of corn that was grown on the grounds of Hart House. It is a Seneca Chief variety, so it is a heritage variety. The exhibition was ...
Submitted by HelenSep 26, 2015

This is the t-shirt that I wore during World Pride—against the Toronto Anti-Violent Intervention Strategy.
Submitted by JonathanAug 28, 2015

A poster for the Dykes In The Streets march organized by Lesbians Against the Right, and a matching button on October 17 1981,
Submitted by AmyAug 28, 2015

A 1986 book of lesbian short fiction.
Submitted by MaureenAug 28, 2015

I didn't have a sense of community until I moved to Toronto at age 20. I don't really have a huge connection to Massachusetts as I was thrust into this ...
Submitted by LizAug 28, 2015

Several LGBTQ related and other political buttons.
Submitted by JadeAug 28, 2015

I lived on Yonge Street for more than 40 years. When I lived there, Pride was mostly just queens. It wasn't even official! You know what, they came out during ...
Submitted by PamAug 28, 2015

In the late 1970s and 1980s, bookstores began having the content they ordered from the US examined when it crossed the border, and more and more of it was being ...
Submitted by GaryAug 28, 2015

Hoodie with Green Apple logo, a skateboard lifestyle brand from Winnipeg, Devon's hometown.
Submitted by DevonAug 28, 2015

Submitted by JenniferAug 27, 2015

I arrived in Canada with my three kids from Nigeria. My husband was a student at York University for two years and then applied for PR. I worked in health ...
Submitted by NkechiAug 27, 2015

I moved to Canada in 1990 from Jamaica. My dad was already living here. I've been working for McDonald's since 1993. All my sisters used to work there, but I'm ...
Submitted by SoniaAug 27, 2015

At the age of 13 I had a choice of whether to do something or nothing all summer. My mother decided I should volunteer with the City of Toronto. I ...
Submitted by JasonAug 27, 2015

Submitted by AmritAug 27, 2015

The first time I came to the festival was in 1983. This year I was "voluntold" to volunteer by the friend I was here visiting. I had been in Florida ...
Submitted by MonaAug 01, 2015

I went to the first Caribana in Toronto. It was on Yonge St, starting at University and ending at Yonge. It was new, very enjoyable, and I used to go ...
Submitted by TheresaAug 01, 2015

I came to Toronto in August 1998 for Grade 13. Went to school in Etobicoke at Cambridge International School, which had a mixture of students from various backgrounds. I had ...
Submitted by PatriceAug 01, 2015

I went to Caribana when I was 16 with a few friends. There weren't any wristbands at the time, everyone just danced and enjoyed themselves. The idea of VIP and ...
Submitted by JoannaAug 01, 2015

I attended my first parade at the age of 15. I lived in Scarborough at the time. Now I live in Ajax. The parade used to be at University, which ...
Submitted by SharonAug 01, 2015

Story of Exhibition Grounds.
Submitted by PaulAug 01, 2015

This was the first passport I got at the age of 11 so I could immigrate to Canada.
Submitted by RuyAug 01, 2015

My first time going to Caribana, the first year it started. 1967 - post Expo.
Submitted by NoreenAug 01, 2015

Map of Leaside. The map shows 3/4 of residential area and 1/4 allocated for an industrial area with no defined roads or boundaries. The map is based on two primary ...
Submitted by JohnJul 25, 2015

I was born in Aliston, ON and moved to Victoria BC on July 31,1993. I lived on Vancouver Island for 20 years and moved to Toronto on July 31, 2013, ...
Submitted by JaimeJul 25, 2015

I immigrated from Dubai, where I was an IT professional. My immigration interview was waved because of my high status as an IT professional. My friends over here said I ...
Submitted by MuhamadJul 25, 2015

A complete 1977 edition of The Toronto Star. From October 16, 1977, the newspaper highlights a front page story on Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau speaking on the high unemployment rates ...
Submitted by JackJul 25, 2015

The ring was shipped here form Germany in the 1950s by my grandfather who ran an import store, in Kitchener. He drove to Toronto to get the shipments. He was ...
Submitted by CourtneyJul 25, 2015

These are the first books detailing the history of the Chinese in Toronto. After writing the first, Arlene was asked to write many more. "The Chinese in Toronto from 1878" ...
Submitted by ArleneJul 16, 2015

The Order of Canada was awarded to my mom Jean Lumb, the first Chinese-Canadian to receive it in 1976. Her citation credited her for her work in saving Toronto's Chinatown ...
Submitted by arleneJul 16, 2015

These are buttons for the work of local artists.
Submitted by JoanieJun 14, 2015

Ring, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Arabic calligraphy "Is God not sufficient for his servant"
Submitted by KhaulaJun 14, 2015

Small, bronze coloured milk token from Donlands Dairy Ltd.
Submitted by JackJun 14, 2015

These are restaurant menus from Scarborough, related to the countries participating in the 2015 Pan Am Games.
Submitted by andrewJun 14, 2015

Three souvenir books with photos of Toronto in early periods.
Submitted by AldenJun 14, 2015

Triangular savoury pastry, filled with potato, spice, other veggies and sometimes chicken or beef. Typically served as a meal but in Toronto more frequently eaten as a snack. Smaller in ...
Submitted by PailagiJun 14, 2015

Teddy Bear
Submitted by ChristinaJun 14, 2015

Pamphlet celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Leaside's incorporation in 1913.
Submitted by GeoffJun 14, 2015

Musidora by Marshal Wood, Famous British Sculpture. One of the earliest examples of public art in Toronto. Marble figure of a woman.
Submitted by KateJun 14, 2015

This photo shows the Queen and King driving east on Bloor St. There is quite a crowd gathered on the north side of the street in front of an old ...
Submitted by MaxanneJun 14, 2015

Broadview and Danforth apartment view looking into the DonValley South. Image take 1984. First photgraph taken of this couple. Married three years later.
Submitted by DianeJun 14, 2015

Admission Ticket from Dec 13, around 1975. It was a pre-taped event at 99 Queen St East.
Submitted by JackJun 14, 2015

Bone handled sharpening steel inscribed Ian Dickinson and silver lighter.
Submitted by SeanJun 14, 2015

Audio featuring Geoff Ketttel, the event's organizer. Beginning in June 2006, it is a festival that celebrates and builds community among the 30,000 residents in medium high rise buildings in ...
Submitted by GeoffJun 14, 2015

3 stone tools and two ceramic pottery sherds.
Submitted by AmyJun 14, 2015

First style of Omega's self-winding watch
Submitted by DaveJun 13, 2015

Back and white marble, used during one of the periodic phases of the ROM expensions from the south West wing, demolished in 1979.
Submitted by DaveJun 13, 2015

Plate #5 Male genitalia in situ:1. Go pus livid us; 2.g.notatus The affinities of the North American species Gomphis as revealed by the genitalia (Odonata, Gomphidae) by E.M.Walker PUBLICATION: Contributions ...
Submitted by DaveJun 13, 2015

Submitted by KateJun 13, 2015

The story begins in my basement at St. George TTC Station. After we decked ourselves out in gold Dollarama tattoos we began the journey on the subway and we went ...
Submitted by SnikklebeanJun 13, 2015

Toronto is a greet mix of old and new. A mixture of old historic buildings and new communities. Important to me is the community I attend school in, which is ...
Submitted by JackieJun 13, 2015

Growing up in Downsview Park back when it was still the military base.
Submitted by CelinaJun 13, 2015

My great great grandmother and grandfather with my great aunt and great grandmother in high park in the winter.
Submitted by CarolynJun 13, 2015

Mount Pleasant Cemetery makes me feel peaceful because of nature. I ride my scooter. We live right next to it. Maya would find letters and read the inscriptions in the ...
Submitted by MayaJun 13, 2015

Submitted by sylviaJun 13, 2015

My partner and I had our children at home, assisted by midwives. We had moved into the house a year before, and having our children there really reinforced our sense ...
Submitted by CaitlinJun 13, 2015

Black bike helmet
Submitted by HowardJun 13, 2015

This is a 4 year old girl's story of Centre Island.
Submitted by AnnabelleJun 13, 2015

Submitted by angusJun 13, 2015

For a long time, we've always watched the makeup and fashion YouTube videos done by LaurDIY, a Toronto vlogger. We found out there was a Brandy Melville warehouse sale in ...
Submitted by B.A.DJun 13, 2015

My mother's UHN hospital card.
Submitted by CarolineJun 13, 2015

Submitted by SeanaJun 13, 2015

I saw King Billy at an Orange parade once. There wasn't much of a crowd. He was there riding on his signature white horse. It was in 1963. There were ...
Submitted by JerryJun 13, 2015

I met Kurt Lehner when I was a student at Don Mills Middle School in spring 2014. He came to visit my class so he could teach us to draw ...
Submitted by justiceJun 13, 2015

Submitted by TammyJun 13, 2015

A Document in french telling the story of the Shared Path historic walking tour.
Submitted by LaJun 13, 2015

An article by George Dunbar titled "The Phototeria- A Canadian Invention" which appeared in the journal "Photographic Canadiana" May-June 2007.
Submitted by GeorgeJun 13, 2015

Me and my dad had hardly spent time together because he had to work. we had a good time rollerblading we went so many places, my favorite part was roller ...
Submitted by sashaJun 13, 2015

Scale model of Toronto's oldest existing house and building in the city, built in 1784.
Submitted by DavidJun 13, 2015

Tobacco silks such as this were included as promotional items in cigarette and tobacco packages. They often featured series such as breeds of horses or dogs, or flags of countries ...
Submitted by JohnJun 13, 2015

Statement of adjustments for the Rudolfs family for the first home they owned after immigrating to Canada from Germany.
Submitted by SandyJun 13, 2015

Celadon Korean "white ware" vase.
Submitted by maryJun 13, 2015

Sheet Music of the official song of the Toronto Canoe Club.
Submitted by JohnJun 13, 2015

Admission wrist bands to the Field Trip Music Festival. Including the inaugural year in 2013, 2014 and 2015.
Submitted by RebeccaJun 13, 2015