Submitted by Dave on Jun, 13
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Plate #5 Male genitalia in situ:1. Go pus livid us; 2.g.notatus The affinities of the North American species Gomphis as revealed by the genitalia (Odonata, Gomphidae) by E.M.Walker PUBLICATION: Contributions of the Royal Ontario Museum, Department of Zoology and Paleontology, n.46
How is this object or story important to you?

It has an emotional importance because it comes from the ROM where I worked for. The place where I met my husband. I kept it because I like to know how things are made and it brings found memories from where I worked.

What does it add to the story of Toronto?

It is in many ways important. One because it has to do with the natural history of Toronto. These are Ontario dragon flies. It also is important because it is the work of the Toronto based early entomologist E.M. Walker, (Edmund Murton Walker son of Byron Edmund Walker, one of the founders of the Royal Ontario Museum.

How did you acquire it?

At one point the department had no room for storage and we were given the opportunity to keep them.

How old do you think it is?

The article was published in 1957