Submitted by Sonia on Aug, 27
My experience working at McDonald's
I moved to Canada in 1990 from Jamaica. My dad was already living here. I've been working for McDonald's since 1993. All my sisters used to work there, but I'm the only one still there. My dad does not approve of me working at McDonald's, but I've been able to support five kids. The shifts and benefits are great. I started off as a crew member, and now I'm an assistant manager. I used to get minimum wage, which was around $5/hr. I've seen minimum wage shift to about $11/hr. I have helped people train while working at McDonald's. This is the third store I've worked at. I started at Highway 27, and then moved to Kipling and Rexdale. I'm now working at the North Queen location. As an assistant manager, one of the perks of working there is that my meals are free. That's very convenient. I don't always get a break working as a manager, which is the only downfall. My daughter is also a manager at McDonald's. The best lesson I've learned is how to communicate with customers at a high level. Working with hungry customers can be difficult sometimes, especially when they swear, but I've developed great customer service skills.