Submitted by Jane on Sep, 27
Toronto and my Roots
In 1990, I started taking hand weaving classes at the guild here in Etobicoke. They have some great shows and it's been very enjoyable. Even though I live downtown, I still come here. I came to Canada with my family in 1950. We came to Toronto and my husband and I had two toddlers. It was very difficult, because people didn't want to rent to people with children. We found a little place in Sunnyside while it was still sunny. There was a park there and we would walk out right to the beach, take our shoes off, and wade into the water. Then, I looked around and said "This is home." I grew up in England. I'm a member and a volunteer at the Textile Museum as well. I do lots of knitting and sewing but it is very time consuming.
How is this object or story important to you?

Toronto was so inviting—it was lovely, really. It's simple, it's basic, that's what makes it beautiful. My parents moved to England during World War 1 from Poland, so I never really felt at home there. I didn't really feel rooted in England.

What does it add to the story of Toronto?

I guess now Toronto is sort of inviting, but back then there were a lot of people settling. It's a very inviting place for people to settle. Very diverse.