Submitted by Patrice on Aug, 01
Story of Schooling in Toronto
I came to Toronto in August 1998 for Grade 13. Went to school in Etobicoke at Cambridge International School, which had a mixture of students from various backgrounds. I had a great experience overall, which ultimately showed how Canada is so multicultural. Personally I felt very safe as a young woman. Everyone was very open and accepting, liberal and warm. It was cheaper to come to Toronto than anywhere else at the time. The only downside was the weather. Money exchange made it cheaper. I was happy to use the subway to get places. I don't feel you are limited in terms of transportation here. I went to York for a BSH in Biology and then to George Brown for ECE. I always went back and forth between Bahamas and Toronto. I love the fact that the food in Toronto is delicious and from all over the world. I was the only sibling who was excited to go back to school after spending a holiday at home - I was so excited to come back to Toronto. The education system here was a much more rounded one than at home and much more challenging. A Canadian university degree was valued at home, they know you've been challenged.
How is this object or story important to you?

I keep coming back because of friendships and the love for Toronto. Friends from all over the world live here.

What does it add to the story of Toronto?

My story shows acceptance. It doesn't matter what race or culture, people are very open and accepting. It shows that Toronto is a major international destination for students. It is an immigration city and you have the opportunity to stay after schooling or continue your schooling in Canada. Many other countries don't give you this opportunity.