Submitted by Nkechi on Aug, 27
My Story From Nigeria to Canada
I arrived in Canada with my three kids from Nigeria. My husband was a student at York University for two years and then applied for PR. I worked in health care and physiotherapy, but started in geriatrics. I could not continue my career due to documentation. I then trained in CPR, first aid, and then as personaal support worker. I am finishing up my last year at Seneca College for Nursing. There are many similarities between Nigerian and Canadian healthcare. There is similar diversity in both countries, and in Nigeria there are many ethnic groups. Discussions in Canada and in Nigeria are similar because even back home, I had to be culturally sensitive. The cold and the snow is fascinating. My kids enjoyed the snow when they saw it for the first time. I am learning to live in the Canadian winter, even though it was hard for my children because I don't have a car. My husband has a PHd in law, after finishing last year. He is working a post doctoral job in Waterloo. I consider myself lucky to be in Toronto. To come to Toronto from Nigeria, I believe one should be educated. It is difficult for uneducated people—and even educated people—because of all the necessary exams and certifications, which creates roadblocks. Both security and power are better in Toronto. I still eat Nigerian food but it is expensive. I am learning to eat Canadian food! In Nigeria the education is faster, but when kids come to Toronto, they have to step back because the curriculum here is less advanced in Toronto. However, Canadian education is more well rounded and includes more storytelling and team work. I was initially shocked by the easy curriculum.
What does it add to the story of Toronto?

I consider Toronto as a place for great opportunity, but you have to remain focused to succeed. If you do not decide on what you want, you will not go anywhere. The first thing to do is to figure out direction. The lack of support from family is a concern for me.