Submitted by B.A.D on Jun, 13
Meeting LaurDIY
For a long time, we've always watched the makeup and fashion YouTube videos done by LaurDIY, a Toronto vlogger. We found out there was a Brandy Melville warehouse sale in Mississauga and that she was going. We decided to embark on a journey to meet her. When we finally got to the sale, everything was already gone, but we met her! She was so sweet, genuine, and down to earth. After realizing the sale was a bust, we chased her to Yorkdale Mall. We also had an experience with her when she was having a closet sale in downtown. We headed down to Adelaide Street and waited in a line of fashionable fan girls for three hours, all wanting to get a peek of the clothes, and more importantly, LaurDIY herself. Once we got in, we found many good finds and LaurDIY was there and just as nice as always. She even remembered us from the whole Brandy Melville sale experience.
How is this object or story important to you?

This story is important because it's really nice to know that a successful YouTuber who we've been watching for a long time resides in Toronto and is proud of it. Most of them live in either Britain or LA, so it's nice having one in our own backyard.

What does it add to the story of Toronto?

It adds to the story of Toronto because it shows the creativity of our youth.