Submitted by James on Jun, 11
James' Story Following His BioBliz Walking Tour
James went on a tour at BioBlitz titled 'Trees and Plants'. He was impressed with how the trees were planted to block the wind in the winter by First Nations groups in the area. He also learned about a variety of maple trees and was surprised to hear that the design of the maple leaf on the Canadian flag was a simplified version of a real leaf. He is also a volunteer for the Riverwood Conservancy. He believes that it is very important for people to have an appreciation for nature. Consumption and bad habits affect nature, and in the end nature ends up paying the price. He hopes all Torontonians and visitors to the GTA explore the many different pockets of nature that exist in Toronto - even if some of them seem small or artificial (pesticides on trees and purposely planted gardens). Most people think of Toronto and the GTA as a concrete jungle but in reality there are many more green spaces and natural spaces than people expect.