Submitted by Geoff on Jun, 14
Leaside Centennial Celebrations
Pamphlet celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Leaside's incorporation in 1913.
How is this object or story important to you?

Leaside's 100th anniversary was an opportunity to celebrate and document this occasion. There were three segments: an archival exhibit called the Layers of Leaside, a walking tour together with a descriptive booklet, and a gala on April 28, 2013. Attendees included Prime Minister Harper, who lived in Leaside, and Premier Kathleen Wynne, who represents the area as MPP for Don Valley West.

What does it add to the story of Toronto?

Before amalgamation, Toronto was comprised of independent municipalities, townships, towns and villages. Leaside was founded as a railway junction, set in agricultural land and was developed as a real estate scheme to raise money. The Town Plan was developed by Montreal Architect Frederick Todd, however, the anticipated development didn't occur, and the real development of Leaside came 20 years later.

How did you acquire it?

I was on the Leaside 100 Committee, and responsible for the archival exhibit.