Submitted by Jack on Jul, 25
1977 Issue of The Toronto Star's "Sunday Star" and a 1971 issue of The Toronto Telegram
A complete 1977 edition of The Toronto Star. From October 16, 1977, the newspaper highlights a front page story on Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau speaking on the high unemployment rates and inflation. This edition was the first "Sunday Star". Complete 1971 edition of The Toronto Telegram. From October 30, 1971 the newspaper highlights a front page story about this being the last issue of The Toronto Telegram, with many of the writers moving to the birth of The Toronto Sun.
How is this object or story important to you?

Firstly the Toronto Star edition came out on Jack's birthday, who turned 22 at the time. Jack also finds this important because it was the first Toronto Star's "Sunday Star" and this is why he chose to hang on to it as a keepsake. Jack held onto The Toronto Telegram because of its importance as the last issue.

What does it add to the story of Toronto?

As this was the first Sunday Star, it was one of the few time points where the culture of doing business on a Sunday started to become acceptable. It also captures a slice of time on that day, not only about the news but about people. It also has marketing ads from the past which has prices on things like movies, clothing, travel and electronics and real estate. The Toronto Telegram also highlights much of this, but the reason Jack sees it as important to Toronto is because it was the end of the Telegram and highlighted many writers moving from the Telegram to the new paper, The Toronto Sun.

How did you acquire it?

Jack purchased the newspapers when they were originally printed in October of 1977.

How old do you think it is?

The Toronto Star Sunday Star - October 16th 1977 The Toronto Telegram - October 30th 1971