Submitted by Christina on Jun, 14
Teddy, the teddy bear
Teddy Bear
How is this object or story important to you?

Teddy belonged to my cousin, who gave it to my grandmother when she was too old for it. My grandmother passed it on to my mother when she was pregnant with me. It's been with me my entire life, Teddy is always who I talk to. My cousin was told they were too old to have a teddy bear, so they were almost forced to give it away. I now share all of my special moments with Teddy. I treats Teddy as my oral journal. Teddy's eye tape, is there because when his eye fell off her mother wanted to sew it back on. The girl was concerned that the needle would hurt Teddy, so she refused to allow the eye to be sewn back on. She initially wanted to get Teddy an eye patch, but that did not happen, so insteead she put the tape on his eye to keep him painfree, but still intact.

How old do you think it is?

Teddy is approximately 26 years old