Submitted by Carrie on Sep, 26
Carrie's Immigration Story
I immigrated from Hong Kong in 1973, arriving with my husband and two daughters (ages 3 & 1). I was working as a nurse. I came to Canada because my family was young and I wanted to focus on my children's education. We went to Montreal first and lived there for 5 years. At the time, Quebec was vying for independence. There was a bill called 101 so that children had to be educated in French, so my family left because we didn't want to limit our kids to just French. I was worried that they wouldn't survive outside of Quebec in Canada. We had a choice of either going to Toronto or Calgary (my husband was working for BP). We came to Toronto because my sister was living here. We had another child, named Jonathan. My husband worked in IT until his recent retirement. I went back to Hong Kong 10 years ago but it seemed foreign. I was very emotional and started crying because even though it was my roots I felt foreign from my own people. It didn't seem like mine. Toronto was home, after 36 years of living here. I now live in Markham.
How is this object or story important to you?

You can find home outside your "home". After 40 years of being away from my hometown, Toronto is home.

What does it add to the story of Toronto?

As an immigrant I thought to myself: don't segregate yourself. A lot of Chinese immigrants still want Chinese traditions and culture—and that's alright. At the same time, it's important to come out and emerge into the community. I wanted to work in Stouffville, as I'm a quilter. Volunteering is very important to me.