Submitted by Mona on Aug, 01
Caribana - Mona's Story
The first time I came to the festival was in 1983. This year I was "voluntold" to volunteer by the friend I was here visiting. I had been in Florida and ended up here at the Festival. As a volunteer I had attended all of the events associated with Caribana. My friend, Simone, basically handed me a t-shirt, and I have been on the adventure of Caribana ever since. I've volunteered at the King and Queen event, the City Tour and the Boat ride. I'm also going to be volunteering at the Toronto Island over the weekend. I was directing traffic for the parade this morning, and quickly made many friends with my infectious sense of humour. I remember at the Festival in the 1980s that it was much smaller than this year's event. Back then the parade route was on University Avenue. I recall that I was amazed how quickly the parade route was cleaned up afterward. The memory I will be taking away from this event is the parade and the wonderful people I've met. My favourite costume has been the Junior carnival costume winner, who was the coconut vendor.
What does it add to the story of Toronto?

For me, Caribana reflects the friendliness, and the "melting pot" nature of Canada, as all of the cultures come together to celebrate and share their various cultures. If I could return and do my life again, I would love to live in Toronto.