Submitted by Aj on Feb, 20
Soccer game from 3 years ago in Jamaica
The game took place three years ago. It was a good game, but we lost by one still. It wasn't a good goal though. No matter how good your side is, it's the goal that matters. The player fumbled and went past the goalie at the last minute. I was playing forward. I made a lot of shots at scoring. My side was the best in the competition. We can have a good game but still not score. It was a fluke.The other side can have a bad game but still score. Anything can happen. I remember I was playing for a church and we were playing against a very organized team, but we still won. I moved from Jamaica to Toronto two months ago. I haven't been able to play at all since I got here because i don't know a lot of places and it is hard to get to them.
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No matter how prepared you are, you still don't know whats going to happen.