Submitted by Peter on Sep, 26
Childhood Experience in Grade 4 at Blythwood Public School
I was the one who was appointed to go to Sherwood Park and gather grasshoppers to feed the praying mantis. Praying Mantis' are common during the fall and I remember gathering pollywogs for the classroom. Pollywogs turn into frogs when they come out of the water. This experience led to my interest in nature, specifically ravines and water outlets, and teaching others about nature, whether it was scouting or volunteering.
What does it add to the story of Toronto?

Wildlife and natural areas actually exist within the City of Toronto. I believe most people do not know this. I just finished working as a volunteer for 15 years with the Don Water Shed. My work helped to improve the condition of the valleys and creeks, and created awareness that these valleys and creeks need to be protected.